Storage – Storage Cube

How it works


StorageCube offers a stress-free, convenient and cost-effective self storage solution for personal and business storage. Store your belongings in a StorageCube (storage container) at one of our secure self storage facilities (warehouses situated in Cape Town , Durban and Johannesburg).

How StorageCube Storage Works

Need to store some, or all, of your personal or business belongings? There is no need to hire transport – we will deliver storage cubes to you. Our ground-level Cubes ensure a hassle-free process that eliminates the need for ramps and trucks. Once you have received your self storage containers, or cubes, you can pack in your own time. Each Cube can hold one, to one and a half rooms of your belongings, so furniture storage is no problem. Order as many as you need and once you are all packed we will come and collect your StorageCubes and store it at our secure storage facilities.

How Big is One StorageCube?

A StorageCube is 2.4m long, 1.5m wide, and 2.1m high. The volume of one StorageCube equals 7.56m3.

What About Packing Materials?

No problem. StorageCube offers a range of packing materials and self storage boxes that will make packing easier as well as protect your belongings.

When Can I Access My Cube?

If you need to access your Cube, simply contact us and we will arrange for the Cube to be delivered to you or you can view the contents of your cube at our secure self storage facility.

Benefits of Storing with StorageCube

  • Your items are double protected from the elements.
  • No third party transport required
  • Free access to your Storage Cube
  • Offsite storage offered
  • Pay for what you use – Why pay for storage you don’t use!

Storage Cube Size Chart