Self Storage Cape Town

Simply Store is the leading provider of self-storage in Cape Town, with our mobile solutions proving to save customers time, effort and money.

Self-storage is considered to be the economic option, but when doing things the traditional way, it can be more of a headache.

Having to rent or borrow vans and trailers, taking on the fuel costs for multiple loads and having to haul heavy items up flights of stairs can end up being a costly and painful nightmare.

Simply Store has changed the industry though. If you are situated in or around Cape Town, we will deliver a mobile storage unit to the door of your home or office. Here, you can simply pack the goods that you wish to store and our driver will come to collect it – it really can be that easy.

Our storage centre is situated in Airport Industria, where you will have access to your goods at no extra cost.

Speak to a consultant at Simply Store today to find out more about self-storage in Cape Town, or send a request online now and we will get in touch with you.